VELUX® DFD duo blackout and pleated combination blind
(manually operated)
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Protection solaire et volets roulants VELUX®

Store intérieur pour fenêtre de toit

Manuelle à glissière

Combinaison store d'obscurcissement + store plissé
Obscurcissement complet
Préservation de l'intimité

For further light control and decorative purposes, a complementary pleated blind can be installed with the blackout or siesta blind, operating from top down. This way, you will be able to use the pleated blind to diffuse the light softly whilst you are on a computer or watching television, but shut out all of the light for going to sleep. VELUX® pleated blinds are pretty to look at and allow subdued light into the room.

Pleated blinds are wonderful if you need to take away some glare from the sun but don’t want to get rid of all the natural light.

Two in one
The VELUX® duo blackout blind offers complete light control. You can have all the benefits of a blackout blind on those occasions when you want to block out the light completely. Alternatively, you can enjoy the softer diffused light offered by a pleated blind
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