VELUX® FHL flying pleated blinds
manual operation
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Protection solaire et volets roulants VELUX®

Store intérieur pour fenêtre de toit

Manuelle à glissière

Protection contre le soleil
Préservation de l'intimité
Store accordéon VELUX®

Flying pleated blinds are not fixed to the blind frame situated at the top of the blind. This allows the pleated blind to be opened and positioned covering any position of the window while the light may still enter above and below the flying pleated blind. This is a more flexible form of light control. The pleated blinds are made of translucent cloth which softens the sunlight.
A versatile blind suitable for any room.
• Elegant, soft, decorative effect, ideal for living rooms.
• For privacy without blocking out natural light.
• Can be set at any position on the window.

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