VELUX® MHL awning blind
Effective means of reducing solar gain
without obscuring the view
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Protection solaire et volets roulants VELUX®

Store extérieur

Manuelle (à accrocher au bas du cadre)

Protection anti-chaleur
Réduction de 85% de l'entrée de chaleur
Ombre en fonction de l'exécution choisie

The VELUX® awning blind blocks direct sunlight before it reaches the window, protecting against the heat of the sun. Manual operation, MHL.

This external blind fits discretely underneath the outer hood section of the roof window and, when closed, is invisible to the naked eye. When the sash is rotated 180°, the awning blind is fixed to clips on the bottom of the sash. When the sash is then closed, the awning blind is pulled automatically into position.

The fabric is weather resistant for long service.

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