The VELUX® electric roller shutter (SML) ensures optimum
protection and living comfort in the attic.
Protection solaire et volets roulants VELUX®

Store extérieur

Electrique avec télécommande

Obscurcissement complet
Protection thermique (anti-chaleur et contre le froid)
Protection anti-bruit
Diminution des risques d'intrusion
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The roller shutter protects against a wide variety of extremities; heat, light, cold, noise (from rain and hail) and condensation to the pane surface. It also offers a visible deterrent to unlawful entry. Through innovative design and construction, the roller shutter offers optimum fulfillment of the owners need for protection and security.

The roller shutter is operated at the touch of a button by infra-red remote control via the VELUX® electronics system. It does not impede the operation, view or cleaning of the roof window it is fitted to.

For use with VELUX INTEGRA® electric roof windows.
Aluminium     Titanium Zinc
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